Agoura Hills is the Gateway to the Santa Monica Mountains, a motto I take to heart. Along with our residents, I value our proximity to open space, work hard to protect our native species and will only support balanced, well-vetted, appropriately-sized development.

Preservation of open space is of the utmost importance. Native habitat should be allowed to thrive, natural resources should be conserved and wildlife linkages should be protected.

I will fight to ensure that any development that takes place in this city is of the appropriate size and incorporates the spirit of our town.

I’ve advocated to bring more renewable energy delivery to our residents and believe we can do much more to lessen our footprint on our gorgeous, irreplaceable natural surroundings.



Agoura High School.JPG

I’m the product of the Las Virgenes Unified School District system and a mom to three children who have benefited from our award-winning schools. Our public schools are a crucial part of how we define our city.

Strong city-school partnerships are essential for our families and neighborhoods to thrive. As a leader at our local schools and throughout the school district, I have cultivated strong relationships across city-school lines.

With children currently in school, I have an intimate understanding of the issues that our families and neighborhoods face. I’ve worked for years with city and school officials to produce tangible solutions that have resulted in improved traffic and safer pedestrian crossings.

I will continue to work to ensure that our schools remain top-notch, which in turn keeps our property values healthy.



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I encourage and promote civic involvement and believe it is vital to a well-represented populace.

Councilmembers should be accessible, hosting coffees, town halls and forums.

Public workshops, surveys, community forums and visual aids like story poles should be standard for all new development.

Involving our residents and businesses early and often will ensure they have a chance to offer ideas, express concerns and feel vested in the workings of our city.